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Surrogate Mother Calls It Quits After 13 Babies

Carole Horlock is pregnant with her 13th baby and at age 46, she has decided to stop being a surrogate mother. She is the world’s most prolific surrogate. Some people criticize her for giving up her own babies while others give her the utmost admiration for helping others who cannot have children of their own.

It is illegal to pay a surrogte mother but ‘expenses’ can be covered by the couples which range up to 10 000 pounds. Horlock has said she has never been a surrogate for the money. The couples give her what they can afford but she is helping because she feels for the mothers that cannot bear children.

Up until her ninth child, Horlock was working with a surrogacy agency. With her ninth child, a DNA test proved that the child was actually her partner’s, Paul Brown, of 14 years. Although it put them in a difficult position, they allowed the couple to adopt their child.

Horlock has two daughters of her own from previous relationships and are very supportive of their mother. Horlock has given birth to a set of twins and triplets and have given each baby away.

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  • Hannah

    What an amazing story and what an amazing mom!

  • Bolt

    Blessings to her and her family, I hope she has a wonderful life :)

  • Adam Kimberlin

    Absolutely gorgeous babies…amazing lady!

  • Yoga Lee

    Wow, she is amazing with such a big heart.

  • Fatema

    What a wonderful women. She is god’s gift to the world.

  • Clara

    OMG!! 13 babies!