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Boob Implants In Hollywood

Hollywood actresses that added a little “ump” to their boobs. Check out the photos of Hollywood actresses that got boob implants:

Vogue Magazine: Sofia Vergara Has Real Boobs

Sofia Vergara tells Vogue her breasts are real. The “Modern Family” actress became famous not only because of the popular show, but also her for curves. The Colombian-born actress opens up to Vogue magazine about how hard it is get red-carpet ready. “I mean, a normal girl will just put the dress on and leave….

Courtney Stodden’s Half-Sister: Courtland (VIDEO)

Courtney Stodden is either desperate for an acting gig or she’s developed multiple personalities. The controversial 18-year-old wore a brunette wig and filmed herself claiming to be her half-sister named Courtland. The three-minute video features Courtney introducing herself as Courtland and going on a rant about how her half-sister is a slut. Courtland wore a…

Japanese Porn Star Gets 100 Bottles Of Semen From Fans

Japanese porn star receives 100 bottles of semen from fans after hearing her request on Twitter. Uta Kohaku asked her fans on Twitter to donate their swimmers for her upcoming film titled “Semen Collection 2.” The actress got an overwhelming response from her fans. She received 100 bottles of semen in 10 days. Each bottle…

Actress Misled By Anti-Islam Filmmaker

Actress, Lily Dionne, says she was misled by anti-muslim film producer. She answered a Craigslist ad to play in an action adventure film called “Desert Warrior.” The low-budget movie turned out to be an anti-Islam film that provoked bloody riots in many parts of the Muslim world. Dionne said she was overwhelmed when she heard…

Bollywood Actress To Pose For Playboy

Sherlyn Chopra, an Indian Bollywood actress, posing for Playboy

Small-time Bollywood actress will pose for playboy. Sherlyn Chopra, 28, signed on to pose for Playboy in its November 2012 issue. She is the first Indian woman to pose for the magazine. Chopra’s mother is muslim and her father is Christian. Most actresses like Farah Fawcett and Pamela Anderson launched their careers in Hollywood by…