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Alicia Silverstone Racy Photos In Bullet Magazine (PHOTOS)

Alicia Silverstone posing seductive and twirling her hair

Alicia Silverstone’s racy new shoot in Bullet magazine. Here are some background information about Alicia for those who don’t know her. The 35-year-old shot to fame as Cher in the 90s movie, Clueless. She was 18 then. She gave birth to her first child last year. Tabloids slammed her for feeding her child food that…

Alicia Silverstone Feeds Spit to her Baby

Alicia Silverstone seems to have invented a new way to feed a baby. She chews the food and spits it in her son’s mouth. Wait…. don’t birds already do that? She recently posted a video on her blog saying that this is her ‘favorite’ way of feeding her son Bear Blu. She said, “He literally…