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World’s Most Annoying Alarm Clock (VIDEO)

The world’s most annoying alarm clock forces you out of bed on the first try. How would an alarm clock do this, you ask? The alarm clock app called, “Sleep If U Can” will go off non-stop until you get out of bed to take a picture of a place you’ve registered in its settings….

Blackberry 10 Revealed

After years of struggling to compete with Apple’s iPhone and phones that work on Google Android, the company is planning to release a full touchscreen Blackberry. New CEO, Thorstein Heins revealed the Blackberry 10 feature by using a prototype device at the Blackberry World conference in Orlando. However, he did not mention a launch date…

Waterproofing Smartphones

Getting a smart phone for the first time is quite exciting. You bring it everywhere with you including going to the bathroom. Then the unimaginable happens….plop! It falls in the toilet. Your expensive smart phone is now a worthless piece of junk. This year three start-up companies are creating a technology that can waterproof your…