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World’s Most Annoying Alarm Clock (VIDEO)

The world’s most annoying alarm clock forces you out of bed on the first try. How would an alarm clock do this, you ask? The alarm clock app called, “Sleep If U Can” will go off non-stop until you get out of bed to take a picture of a place you’ve registered in its settings….

Google Adds 250,000 Miles On Street View, Apple Struggles

As Apple struggles with its new Maps app, Google has added 250,000 miles of Street View. Apple’s new maps app in iOS6 released last September replaced Google Maps for both the iPhone and iPad. However, many users criticized the lack of features, wrong locations, and worse… jumbled images. Google released its biggest update to its…

Apple Unveils The iPhone5 – Finally!

Apple has finally unveiled the iPhone 5. The newest iPhone looks similar to older models. However, it now features a thinner body, larger screen and a faster processor. The larger screen will enable users to view e-mails and web pages easier. The processor is called the Apple A6 and connects to a 4G LTE connection….

iPhone 5 Revealed? (VIDEO)

Here’s an iPhone 5 promo recently posted on the web. The video was created by the people behind Adam Thinks. On their site, they stated that since everyone loves taking pictures with their iPhone, they decided to rethink the iPhone design. His new iPhone 5 model gives you the ability to take high quality pictures….