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Lady Gaga Fully Nekkid – Marina “Abramovic Method” EXPOSED

Marina Abramovic’s latest art piece features Lady Gaga fully NEKKID and exposed. **************************** ALL STORIES BELOW: – Lady Gaga Fully Undressed In Video: – Marina Abramovic Art Museum: – Girl Hangs Herself Because of Bullying: – SPRNG CLIP Make EarPods Work:

Fat Women In Nude Challenge Traditional Beauty (NSFW)

Photographer Yossi Loloi took photos of obese women in the nude to challenge traditional images of beauty. The project that’s entitled Full Beauty features women in the nude who are 420 pounds and larger. VISIT WEBSITE:  Full Beauty Loloi intended to show that the history of the female in the nude is limited to skinny women….

Life-like Cardboard Box Cities

Check out these awesome life-like street scenes made out of cardboard and brown paper. The photographs look like real cities and areas around the world. But looking with a keen eye, the miniature scenes are actually built out of cardboard. The dioramas depict dimly lit cities and areas in London, New York, Mumbai, Paris and…

Photo-Realistic Pencil Drawings

Diego Koi's pencil art of a woman

An Artist’s pencil drawing creates photorealistic drawings. Self-taught artist, Diego Fazio, who goes by DiegoKoi on his Deviant Art page created the photo-realistic drawings. The 22-year-old has caught the attention of Huffington Post. His drawings have been posted on their site. The Huffpost story have reached over 4,000 likes on Facebook. Check out Diego Koi’s Photorealistic art…