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World’s Largest Bra Up For Auction

The World’s largest bra is up for auction. The pink “mega 1,360B size” bra is available for purchase on eBay. The starting bid is $800. The bra was designed by London sailmaker M. Putt Sailmakers and created by Vanish brand and the Chillisauce event management agency. The bra was created for the Breast Cancer Campaign’s…

Elvis Presley Dirty Underwear Auctioning For $16,000

Elvis Presley's underwear framed

Elvis Presley’s soiled underwear is expected to auction off for $16,000. The auction will be held in England next month. Omega Auctions posted the item on their website estimating it to be between $11,000 to $14,000 as of Monday. The jockey-style briefs were worn by Elvis under his famous white jumpsuit. And it was obtained…

Queen Elizabeth’s Panties Sold for $18,000

queen elizabeth's underwear

An anonymous Ebay bidder shelled out a whopping $18,000 for panties that were once owned by Queen Elizabeth. The knickers were found in 1968. It was embroidered with the letter “E” along with a picture of a crown. It was said to have been left in a private plane by the Queen during a visit…