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Surrogate Mother Calls It Quits After 13 Babies

Carole Horlock is pregnant with her 13th baby and at age 46, she has decided to stop being a surrogate mother. She is the world’s most prolific surrogate. Some people criticize her for giving up her own babies while others give her the utmost admiration for helping others who cannot have children of their own….

YouTube Video Ad Tells People To Make Babies

make babies campaign on youtube - Mentos mints

Mentos mints posted a video campaign on YouTube urging people to make babies. The video was made for Singaporeans. Singapore’s National Day is on August 9th and the man on the video tells people to “make a little human that looks like you and me” to help Singapore’s birthrate spike. He says it is their…

Mom Forces Babies to Fight And Films It (VIDEO)

St Louis MomUrges Toddler Girls to Fight facebook

A woman  videotaped two young toddler girls fighting. She kept encouraging them to fight as she filmed. Then she posted it on Facebook. After it was posted on Facebook a friend of hers forwarded it to TV station KTVI in St. Louis, Missouri, and the friend said, “In the black community … it’s really sickening that…

Mother Leaves Babies In Rolling Car

A mother left her 6-month-old twins in a rolling car while running an errand. She talked to reporters saying that it was a moment of bad judgement on her part. “Thank goodness that they are okay,” she said. Natalie Akselrod, 36, has been charged with child endangerment. If convicted, she can can get between 5…