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McDonald’s Real-life Hamburglars (VIDEO)

hamburglar in a McDonald's commercial

At a McDonald’s in Evansville, Indiana a real life “hamburglar” broke into the restaurant at 2am in the morning. In the video, a man tried to steal a McDonald’s cash register. After struggling for a few minutes, he gives up and steals several yogurt parfaits and walks out. When officers got a hold of the…

Big Boobs Bandit Robs Store Full Video

Buxom bandit big boobs raids petrol station in Queensland

A blonde woman, now being dubbed the Buxom Bandit, gets the “Dumbest Thief of the Year” award. She and another accomplices robbed a petrol station in Queensland. Not only did she not cover her massive bosom, but she didn’t cover up her face, nor her hair. She was wearing a glove that prevented her from…