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My Jamaica Trip 2013

A little bit of what my Jamaica trip looked like. Sorry, I didn’t have a video camera because I wanted to completely relax?

Words of Bob Marley

Heading to Jamaica in 5 days! It’s been so long. I can already feel the sand between my toes #Jamaica #BobMarley #Vacation #beach

Hollywood Sand Sculptures

Hollywood-themed sand sculptures will be on display in a California beach. Although the weather seems a little chilly for the beach, these sand sculptures will surely attract people to hang out at the beach. Batman, Yoda and the Pirates of the Caribbean’s Jack Sparrow are just a few of the featured sculptures created for the…

Man Tackles Shark Off Australian Beach (VIDEO)

A British man pulls a shark off of an Austrlian beach. Paul Marshalisea, 62, was at an Australian beach when he heard people scream “shark”. He casually waded close to the 6 1/2 foot dusky whaler shark by the tail and tried to pull it to deeper water. “My instincts took over,” Marshalisea said. The…

Alessandra Ambrosio Poses Nude (VIDEO + PHOTO)

Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio poses nude on the beach. The Victoria Secret model covers her boobs with her arms, but allows peek of her cleavage. Her booty can be seen from the shoot, where she reveals a small tattoo. The black and white photo shows Ambrosio in a seductive pose on the beach. The sexy…

Heidi Montag Shows Off $30,000 Worth Of Plastic Surgery

Former The Hills star, Heidi Montag, shows off her perfectly sculpted body that cost her $30,000 in plastic surgery. Heidi wore a white bikini and flaunted herself on a beach in California. The 26-year-old showed off every inch of the results of her surgery. Check out some of her beach photos here:

Kim Kardashian Getting Fat? New Bikini Photos

Kim Kardashian was recently spotted spending time with sister Kourtney at a beach. Kim showing skin isn’t surprising to people. However, the recent photos taken of her that day reveal that the reality star has gained weight. She wore a white bathing suit and long, white cover up. What do you think of the photos?…

86-year-old Duchess Wears Bikini On The Beach

Duchess of Alba Wears Bikini On The Beach Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, the Duchess of Alba, doesn’t let age or season wear her down. With the summer ending, the 86-year-old Spanish royal took a stroll on the beach with her much younger 62-year-old husband while wearing a bikini. This weekend’s beach style? The Duchess wore a…