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Nicest Bear Ever

  A polite Grizzly bear waves hello to people in a car. Two people in a car decided to wave to a bear behind a safety wire. The bear seemed to nod in approval and raised its hand to wave. How awesome is that?

Bear Enters a Mall In Pittsburgh

a bear cub entering the mall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A bear entered a shopping mall in Pittsburgh last Saturday. The 120 pound bear was roaming around a Pittsburgh mall parking lot around 8:30 pm. People were chasing it with their cars, according to a witness. The frightened cub ran towards the mall to get away from the cars. It was able to enter a…

Toy Dog Protects Owner From 400 Pound Bear

Bam Bam the toy dog who protected his owner from a bear

Watch the latest video at A tiny dog protected his owner from a 400 pound bear. In California, a bear named ‘Meatball’ is known in the area. He made headlines before while eating meatballs from a garage refrigerator. Meatball wandered in a resdential backyard. The bear came face to face with Bam Bam, a…