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Folgers Rejected Commercial Fail (VIDEO)

Rejected Folgers Christmas Commercial – watch more funny videos Such a heartwarming, cozy Christmas morning. A man walks in with presents into his house. He opens up a jar of Folgers and brews coffee for his loved ones. Or so he thought…. a little girl wakes up and at first thought the man was “Peter.”…

Mother Beats Football Coach

image of lakeshia richmond - the mother who beat her kids' football coach

A mother beats a man after her children told her he molested them. Lakeshia Richmond beat her children’s football coach after they told her that he molested them. She beat him with a baseball bat. Richmond claims Tony Massey molested her children. And that she was only protecting them when she decided to attack him….

Malaysian Mother Beats 8 Month Old Baby

A video has surface on the internet of a mother beating her 8-month old baby in Malaysia. The police received nearly 300 complaints and concerns about the fate of the baby. The police received complaints on May 29, 2011 and arrests were made on the same day. The video posted a year ago prompted police…