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Miss Teen Delaware Offered $250K To Be Miss YouPorn (VIDEO + PHOTO)

Miss Teen Delaware gets offered $250,000 to be Miss YouPorn. Melissa King resigned as Miss Teen Delaware USA after allegations of her appearing in a porn video surfaced. TMZ reported that the beauty queen was offered $250,000 to be YouPorn’s spokeswoman. In the letter that was somehow obtained by TMZ talks about how King can…

Child Beauty Queen Gets Reality Show

image of honey boo boo on CNN

A Child Beauty Queen Gets A New Reality Show. Alana Holler or “Honey Boo Boo” as she’s called gets a new show on TLC. The reality shows her family’s home life and her experiences with beauty pageants. For years, there had been criticism about child beauty pageants. Some say it sexualizes children in these competitions….

Drag Queen Firefighters Save the Day

Firefighters caught on tape in drag while putting out fires. The firefighters dressed in gowns for a St Patrick’s day float in a nearby town. Firefighters were wearing gowns to support a beauty pageant that is held every year for fundraising. When a pick up truck caught on fire, the gown dressing firefighters came to…