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Mother of Six Wants to Have the Largest Breasts in the World

Lacey Wildd who is a mother of six and a 44 year old model wants to be known for having the largest breasts in the world. Currently she is sitting at LLL and has had 12 surgeries to get there! Her breasts weigh 21 pounds and she had to have surgery to add more muscle…

Big Boobs Bandit Robs Store Full Video

Buxom bandit big boobs raids petrol station in Queensland

A blonde woman, now being dubbed the Buxom Bandit, gets the “Dumbest Thief of the Year” award. She and another accomplices robbed a petrol station in Queensland. Not only did she not cover her massive bosom, but she didn’t cover up her face, nor her hair. She was wearing a glove that prevented her from…