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Woman Gets Pregnant Every Day!?: Shocking Story – WNM #54

A woman appears to be pregnant everyday because of alcohol, plus other updates and stories from the week. **************************** STORIES BELOW: – Woman Pregnant Every Day From Alcohol : – YouTube Music Awards Nominees : – InformOverload Video of Woman Pregnant Everyday : – YouTube Music Awards Voting Info/Video :

Teacher Gives Birth Inside Her Classroom

A 30 year old teacher, Diane Krish-Veeramany, gives birth inside her classroom. **************************** STORIES BELOW: – Longest Last Name : – Teacher Gives Birth Inside Classroom : – Most Flexible Woman World Record : – GTA 5 Breaks Records : – Blowjob Classes In Russia :

Woman Pregnant With A Snake – Maria Tsotetsi

Maria Tsotetsi, of South Africa, finds a snake growing inside of her stomach while she thought she was pregnant. **************************** STORIES BELOW: – Woman Pregnant With Snake: – Scary Noises in B.C: – Justin Bieber Attacked: – One Direction #1 At Box Office: – Woman Swims From Cuba To Florida:

Giant Fattest Baby Ever! Born Naturally – Jasleen 13lb 4Oz

Germany has a new holder for the title of “heaviest baby.” Jasleen was born weighing in at 13.47 pounds, and measuring 22.6 inches long. **************************** ALL STORIES BELOW: – Biggest Baby: – iPhone Thumbprint Scanner: – Toronto Cop Shoots Man 9 Times: – Toronto Protests Shooting Videos:………

Kate Middleton Gives Birth To Baby Boy!

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton gives birth to healthy baby boy. **************************** ALL STORIES BELOW: – Kate Middle Gives Birth: – Woman Pooing On Man’s House: – Josie Cunningham Gets Taxpayer Botox: – Woman Beat Up Denied Funding For Surgery: – Raped Woman Free From Jail:

Woman Gives Birth To Baby On Sidewalk

A lady gave birth on the sidewalk just outside of the hospital **************************** ALL STORIES BELOW: – Giving Birth On Sidewalk: – Woman Gets Butt Chopped Off: – 19 Miscarriages: – Kim K Transvestite:

Woman Has Invisible Baby

A Brazilian woman accuses a hospital for stealing her baby when she was told her pregnancy was “psychological.” Layane Santos, 19, was said to be in her 38th week of pregnancy. She was rushed to a hospital in Sao Paulo due to abdominal pain and blood loss. During her pregnancy, she received pre-natal treatment including…

Kourtney Kardashian Gives Birth On TV (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Close-up of Kourtney giving birth

Kourtney Kardashian gave birth in front of TV cameras. Millions of viewers got to see Kourtney give birth on the series finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The whole family and film crew squeezed into the delivery for the birth last July. The most shocking part of the video was when Kourtney reached down…