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Courtney Stodden’s Alter Ego (VIDEO)

Courtney Stodden introduces her alter-ego Courtina to her fans. The video shows Stodden with brunette hair speaking in an unknown accent. The aspiring singer, model and TV personality recorded this bizarre video and uploaded it to her YouTube channel. Courtina tells the camera that she went to the store and saw a picture of her,…

Man Wants Facebook Likes To Get Sex From High School Crush

Petter Kverneng convinced his crush to have sex with him if he gets one million Facebook likes. To his surprise… he received 1.2 million likes. Remember those cute kids begging for one million Facebook likes so that their dad will agree to get a puppy? Kverneng did the same thing, but in a not-so-cute way….

Crazy Woman Thrown Off Subway (VIDEO)

A woman’s subway rage has received more than 500,00 views on YouTube. The woman was in a Sydney Metro. The video of the woman shows that spit, swore, and hit other passengers. The video apparently received views not because of her bad behavior, but how other passengers resolved the problem. After several minutes of the woman behaving…

Big Boobs Bandit Robs Store Full Video

Buxom bandit big boobs raids petrol station in Queensland

A blonde woman, now being dubbed the Buxom Bandit, gets the “Dumbest Thief of the Year” award. She and another accomplices robbed a petrol station in Queensland. Not only did she not cover her massive bosom, but she didn’t cover up her face, nor her hair. She was wearing a glove that prevented her from…