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Madonna Takes Another Stab At Lady Gaga (VIDEO)

Madonna performing on stage

Dedication is at 6:00. Madonna landed another blow against Lady Gaga at a concert. Madonna performed Saturday night in Atlantic City where she dedicated her song Masterpiece to Gaga. But she adds, “I love her – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” She also played clips of Gaga’s Born This Way while performing her…

Lady Gaga – Madonna Fued: Gaga Fights Back (VIDEO)

lady gaga image

Lady Gaga fights back against Madonna’s recent actions and comments. The song “Born This Way” by Gaga stirred up controversy when it first debuted. Gaga-critics say the song sounds very much like Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” The queen of pop did not comment on the similarities when it was first released. However, Madonna admitted some time…