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Overly Sexual Breast Cancer PSA (VIDEO)

Not everyone is too pleased with this new PSA on Breast Cancer Awareness created by Chilean agency Lowe Porta, Santiago. The ad is highly sexualized placing the focus on women’s breasts rather than the women themselves. Shots of cleavage, breast feeding, even more intimate moments are shown throughout the ad. It appears that the target…

Smart Bra Detects Breast Cancer

A bra has been developed to detect early signs of breast cancer. The new bra was developed by Lifeline Biotechnologies after years of research. The bra that looks like a normal sports bra features a concept called “thermography.” This technology detects heat or abnormal heat signatures from tumors. It has the ability to tell the…

Topless Trampoline World Championships (VIDEO)

Chris O'Down with topless trampoline women

  The funny video features Chris O’Dowd and a dozen topless women jumping on the trampoline. O’Down opens the video saying he is a health and safety officer at the Topless Female Trampolining World Championships. The video was made for charity to help breast cancer awareness. Women are not the only ones at risk of…