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Couple Cut Off Their Heads At Wedding Ceremony & Eat Each Other – Cake

Couple create gruesome wedding cake made of their own bloody severed heads. **************************** STORIES BELOW: – Rob Ford Admits To Smoking Crack : – Couple Decapitated Heads Cake : – Katy Perry Most Followed : – Tweeting Bra :

Bride Dumps 3 Men Then Marries A Woman

Woman who dumped three men to marry her bridesmaid

This woman dumps three men and then marries her bridesmaid. Kerry De’ath, 29, was engaged to Craig Smith, but just before the wedding day, she dumped him. She then settled down with Dave Futter, but again left the relationship when he proposed to her. Later, Kerry thought she found the love of her life in…

41yr Old Man Marries 11yr Old Girl

11yr old girl marries 41yr old man

A 40-year-old man marries an 11-year-old girl. Christiane Amanpour spoke with Photographer Stephanie Sinclair about the pictures she has taken all over the world. The photos were images of child brides married to men twice or three times their age. Sinclair features her photographs in a book called, “Questions without Answers: The World in Picture…