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Christopher Dorner: Cop Killer Found?

The manhunt for Christopher Dorner, who killed four people, ended during a shootout in a cabin located in Big Bear Lake California. The cabin that Dorner took refuge in caught fire after officers used smoke devices to flush him out. The fire burned for hours. Later, Los Angeles authorities reported a charred body had found…

Christopher Dorner: Conspiracy? (VIDEO)

After a frenzied manhunt for Christopher Dorner, Los Angeles authorities reported a charred body had found inside a burned mountain cabin. But investigators are unsure if the human remains were Dorner’s. It may take days before they can identify if the body found is in fact Dorner’s, the former LAPD officer suspected in four killings….

Mother Burned Alive For Witchcraft In Papua New Guinea (PHOTO)

A young mother accused of sorcery was stripped naked, tortured and burned alive in Papua New Guinea. BBC reported that a woman named Kepari Leniata, 20, was accused of killing a 6-year-old boy through sorcery. She was then tortured and burned by villagers. In an image that was released, police were unable to intervene due…

Police Burns 10 Tons of Coke (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Ten tons of coke was burned by police. Anti-narcotics officers seized illegal cocaine, heron, and cannabis in Panama City in four months. They placed it in a huge pile where they slashed open the packages. They then set it on fire. Armed guards kept an eye on the burning pile and wore masks to keep…