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Chidren Treated To A Striptease For Christmas? (VIDEO)

This is an odd way to celebrate Christmas. In a video posted on YouTube, Dutch children were treated to a striptease for some sort of Christmas party. I try to wrap my head around the reason behind this strange “celebration.” Someone please explain to me why in the world would you have a half-naked woman…

22 Children In China Attacked With A Knife

  A knife-wielding man injures 22 children in China. The attack on the children happened in the village of Chengping in Henan, a province between Beijing and Shanghai. The 36-year-old man named Min Yingjun burst into the home of an 85-year-old woman and then stabbed her just before children came in at 8 a.m. The…

President Obama Speaks At Newtown Vigil: ‘We’re Not Doing Enough” (VIDEO)

President Obama spoke at a vigil for Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. He said he will do everything in his power to end the epidemic of gun violence in the nation. “We’re not doing enough,” Obama said. “And we will have to change.” “We can’t tolerate this anymore.” “These tragedies must end, and…

Kids In Indonesia Risk Their Lives To Go To School (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Kids in an Indonesian village risk their lives every day to get to school. Kids as young as 9 years old risk their lives to cross a 160 meter broken bridge just to get to school. Flooding had caused destruction in their village which also destroyed two bridges. The children were filmed hoping the local…

Woman’s Rapist Wants Custody Of Child

Shauna Prewitt image

A lawyer in Chicago talks about her rape and how her rapist wants to have access to the child. Shauna Prewitt was raped while she was a student. It was her final year of college. She was 21 years old. She became pregnant after her rape. Nine months later she gave birth to her daughter….

Daycare Workers Forced Kids To Fight

three women arrested for forcing children to fight at a daycare

Daycare workers were arrested for allegedly forcing toddlers to fight under their care. The incident was captured on video. However, police did not release the video to parents and the media because it will be used as evidence in the investigation. Daycare workers Tania Harris, 19, Lisa Parker, 47, and Estefania Myers, 21, work at…

Teen Helps Mother and Kids Escape ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Massacre

Dark Knight Rises Hero reunited with mother he saved on ABC News

A 19-year-old teen helped a mother with two children escape the ‘Dark Night Rises’ massacre in Colorado. ABC News reunited Patricia Lagoretta with her rescuer, Jarrell Brooks. He suffered minor injuries from a gunshot wound to his leg. Brooks saw Lagoretta with her two kids struggling to get out of the chaos. He quickly ran…