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Christian School Teacher Arrested After Having Sex With Student

A Seventh Day Adventist Christian school teacher had been arrested for having sex with student. Auburn Adventist Academy has fired teacher, Scott Spies, and is now helping the teenager. School administrators called investigators after hearing rumours that Spies had a relationship with a student in his Bible Study class. According to the teen, the relationship…

Christian Man VS Gays at Pride 2012 (VIDEO)

A Christian street preacher is interrupted gay supporters during the Pride 2012 celebration. The Preacher tried to have a respectful conversation. Cops seem to be taking the of the pride supporters. In a society with free speech, was the Christian wrong or were the pride supporters overreacting? WATCH PART 2:

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus (VIDEO)

This guy made a video about how he hates religion but loves Jesus. e states that religion is deadly to the world and says Jesus came to get rid of it. But can you really separate religion from Jesus? If you believe in Jesus, you by default follow what He says, so wouldn’t that be…