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Crazy Man Interview (VIDEO)

A man being interviewed by Fashion Studio 7 goes on a crazy tirade. When asked about his name, the man immediately said he was confused. He then goes on to talk about how the church and state were supposed to be separate. Then he started talking about Waterloo and how people there treated him like…

Woman Gives Birth To A Horse (WARNING: Disturbing Image)

A woman allegedly gave birth to a horse in church in Nigeria. Church members say the woman screamed during a prayer session and began bleeding. A creature resembling a horse allegedly emerged from the woman which put church members into a panic. The horse-like creature died by the time journalists arrived at the church to…

Little Boy Singing A Homophobic Song In Church

little boy singing in front of church

This video features a little boy singing a homophobic song in church while other churchgoers cheered him on. While most of the song’s lyrics were inaudible, the part where the boy sang, “Ain’t no homos gonna make it to heaven” was quite clear. As the boy continued to sing the song, churchgoers cheered and clapped….