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Boys Kick Donkey Off Cliff (VIDEO)

Two boys kicked a donkey off a cliff and videotaped their cruelty. These boys are heartless! The video was made allegedly by two boys in Syria. One of the boys kept kicking the donkey while the other videotaped it. The donkey tried it’s best not to fall, but it was no match for these ruthless…

Bungee Jump Gone Wrong (VIDEO)

woman bungee jumps to death

A tourist who attempted to bungee jump over a cliff may have died. The woman was clearly nervous about jumping, but she went ahead with it. The woman jumps trusting that the ropes will hold her. You can see the woman fall down for a few seconds then you hear a scream. Did the ropes…

Dad Saves Son From Falling Off Cliff & Gets Ticketed

image of father and son walking together

Frank Roder saved his son from falling off a cliff while his Jeep fell into the water. Roder was out at a park with his son. Just as they pulled in, his son hopped out of the car. “He hopped out, and I thought that was okay, I was just going to park,” Roder, 38,…