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Woman Breastfeeds Her Dog

A mother was distraught when she couldn’t breastfeed her children. So, she has found a way to fulfill that sadness by breastfeeding her dog, a Pug named Spider. Closer magazine interviewed Terri Graham about her breastfeeding. She told the magazine that she knows people might see her was a “freak,” but clearly believes that breastfeeding…

Kate Middleton Sues Closer Magazine

Kate smiling for the cameras

Will & Kate are set to make a criminal complaint over topless photos of the princess. The royal couple will ask a Paris court judge to pursue the photographer responsible for the photos. France’s Closer magazine and the photographer could face jail time. The Duke and Duchess are pushing for the “stiffest punishment possible” on…

Kate Middleton Topless Pics In Closer Magazine

The Royal family are facing another dilemma of naked photos being leaked. A French magazine recently published topless photos of Kate Middleton in their magazine. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are reportedly angered by the alleged invasion of privacy. The royal couple have instructed officials to investigate and are said to be seeking legal…