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Vogue Magazine: Sofia Vergara Has Real Boobs

Sofia Vergara tells Vogue her breasts are real. The “Modern Family” actress became famous not only because of the popular show, but also her for curves. The Colombian-born actress opens up to Vogue magazine about how hard it is get red-carpet ready. “I mean, a normal girl will just put the dress on and leave….

Devil Baby In Colombia

A mom talks about her devil baby. Ana Feria Santos says: “This is Satanic. I have never in my life seen this.” The 28-year-old mom claims her son burned a mattress and clothes. She also said that the baby keeps vanishing from his crib. The boy can transform into an older boy with “intimidating eyes,”…

Acid Attack Victim Gets A New Face

Nubia Espitia acid attack victim picture

Nubia Espitia, a colombian business woman, described how she was walking to her mother’s house one day when two people approached her. One of them was holding a cup filled with liquid. The person threw the acid-filled cup at her. Espitia did not realize what was in the cup at first until the hospital confirmed…

Hillary Clinton Partying in Colombia

Hillary Clinton caught clubbing in Colombia! Clinton was in the country along with President Obama attending the Summit of the Americas. She was reportedly seen after midnight after Clinton came from an official dinner. She was out with some of her female aides. The former first lady let loose at the Cafe havana dancing and…

President Obama Addresses Secret Service Scandal

While at a press conference in Cartagena, Colombia yesterday, President Barack Obama addressed the scandal surrounding a dozen secret service agents and five members of the U.S. military soliciting prostitutes in the country. The President is in Colombia attending the Organization of American States (OAS). The President stated, he expects that there will be an…