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Woman Faints After ‘Brain Freeze’ Competition (VIDEO)

A woman faints during “Brain Freeze” competition. The woman was caught collapsing on camera after participating in a brain freeze competition. The unidentified woman took part in a brain freeze competition held in a water park somewhere in the United States. The competition host announced, “We call it a brain freeze competition because it will…

Topless Snow Sledding 2013 (PHOTOS)

Topless snow-sledders compete in Germany. A topless snow-sledding competition called for the breast… uh we meant the BEST… sledders around the country to join the competition last February 23. The annual high-speed race was held in Altenberg, Germany where dozens of women competed wearing nothing but their underwear. Thousands of spectators came to watch and…

Funniest Olympic Mom Reaction (VIDEO)

parents of U.S. gymnast react at the London 2012 Olympics

Olympic “soccer mom” cheering for her daughter at the London 2012 Olympics. This mom watched her daughter perform her routine in the gymnastics competition. Watch how she twitches and moves around her seat in anticipation! Then she and her husband screams when their daughter finishes her routine. Oh, the funny things parents do.