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President Obama Speaks At Newtown Vigil: ‘We’re Not Doing Enough” (VIDEO)

President Obama spoke at a vigil for Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. He said he will do everything in his power to end the epidemic of gun violence in the nation. “We’re not doing enough,” Obama said. “And we will have to change.” “We can’t tolerate this anymore.” “These tragedies must end, and…

Ke$ha Made A Bra Out Of Fans Teeth

Ke$ha asked her fans to send her teeth. Out of the teeth she made a bra and other accessories. “I asked for them to send me their teeth and I got, like, over 1000 human teeth. I made it into a bra top, and a headdress, and earrings, and necklaces. I’ve worn it out!” The…