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Cop RAPES Woman In Front of Her Kids

Lisa Rodriguez was sexually assaulted by an officer while he questioned her in her house. **************************** ALL STORIES BELOW: – Cop Sexually Assaults Woman: – Gia Allemand From The Bachelor Dies: – Violence In Egypt: – More Violence In Egypt Links:……

Cop Punches Woman In The Face (VIDEO)

A YouTube video shows a cop punching a woman in the face. The cellphone video recorded a fight outside Envy Night Club in Elizabeth, NJ. Yelling and cursing soon turned to a physical scuffle. An officer soon appears to stop the fight. As he pushes one person off, a woman goes near him and the…

Christopher Dorner: Conspiracy? (VIDEO)

After a frenzied manhunt for Christopher Dorner, Los Angeles authorities reported a charred body had found inside a burned mountain cabin. But investigators are unsure if the human remains were Dorner’s. It may take days before they can identify if the body found is in fact Dorner’s, the former LAPD officer suspected in four killings….