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Funniest Baby Laugh Ever! Little Girl Loves Walking Dog (VIDEO)

Kids do the darndest things! This little girl loves to “walk” her family’s dog. But instead of walking the dog, she drops the leash to let the dog run off. As soon as she drops the leash, the girl laughs with the cutest baby laugh. The little girl thinks dropping the leash is the funniest…

Hot Girls In Crazy T-Shirts

These cute girls wore t-shirts with phrases that range from “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Hate me because I have huge boobs” to “Life’s short. Get a Divorce.” Check out photos of cute girls in weird t-shirts:

Skateboard Prodigy: “How To Get Girls” (VIDEO)

Twelve year old skateboard prodigy, Steven Fernandez, talks about “how to get girls.” In a video posted on youtube, Fernandez talks about how to get girls while showing videos of girls butts and talking to girls on the streets. The 12-year-old talks about why girls like ‘douchebags.’ Most of the women engage with him in…

One Eyed Kitten (VIDEO)

***QUOTED FROM YOUTUBE VIDEO DESCRIPTION: “We have a Bengal cat that was pregnant and only a day past here due date. On Thursday October 4th 2012 I brought her into our vet and I am SO Glad that I did, We have an amazing veterinarian who did the C-Section procedure and if she didn’t….. Mamma…

Nicest Bear Ever

  A polite Grizzly bear waves hello to people in a car. Two people in a car decided to wave to a bear behind a safety wire. The bear seemed to nod in approval and raised its hand to wave. How awesome is that?