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Harlem Shake Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Is this Gangnam Style’s rival in dance parodies? Maybe so. The “Harlem Shake” has all kinds of people recording silly dance videos set to the song Harlem Shake by Baauer. Apparently this dance move has been done before in music videos in the past. So, why is it becoming popular now? We’re not sure. The…

Subway Passengers Get Live Dance Performance (VIDEO)

Two men perform in a New York Subway train. The two took turns dancing to “This is how we do it” in a subway train in New York. Using the handle bars and poles, the two pulled themselves up, swung around, and danced in front of subway riders.

Athlete’s Sexy Warm-Up Dance (VIDEO)

michelle jenneke warm-up dance

An Australian hurdler is making waves on the internet with her sexy warm-up. Michelle Jenneke got ready for her race by swaying her hips side to side with a smile on her smile. Of course, someone on the internet posted the video of her dance in slow motion and put a song over it. The…