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Girl Dies At Daycare

Savannah Cross died of her injuries after abuse at a daycare. Savannah had a tough life. Her father left because he has post traumatic syndrome and claimed he didn’t want to hurt her. Her mother, Ashley, abandoned her at a home day care centre where daycare provider Ryan Reed and Allison Clements abused the little…

Daycare Workers Forced Kids To Fight

three women arrested for forcing children to fight at a daycare

Daycare workers were arrested for allegedly forcing toddlers to fight under their care. The incident was captured on video. However, police did not release the video to parents and the media because it will be used as evidence in the investigation. Daycare workers Tania Harris, 19, Lisa Parker, 47, and Estefania Myers, 21, work at…

Boy Kicks And Chokes Other Kids At Daycare (VIDEO)

A boy beats up little kids in daycare. Daycare worker charged for negligence. This video was captured in the daycare facility’s surveillance cameras. A larger boy would kick and choke kids smaller than him. At first, it was believed that the boy would hurt other children when daycare workers were not around. However, as the…