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Oklahoma Dentist Exposes 7,000 People To HIV

A Tulsa, Oklahoma dental office may have exposed 7,000 people to HIV. The Oklahoma Board of Dentistry found unsanitary conditions in a dental office owned by Dr. Wayne Harrington, an oral surgeon in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The health investigation was sparked by a recent case of a person who tested positive for hepatitis C and HIV…

Girl Gets Stainless Steel Crowns On All Her Teeth (VIDEO)

An Arizona mom was shocked to see what their dentist did to her four-year-old daughter. Alecia White took her daughter, Savannah, to the dentist where they found out that she had four cavities. So, Alecia allowed the dentist to fill Savannah’s cavities. After the procedure, Savannah came home and to her parents’ surprise found her…

Cyborg Goes To The Dentist (VIDEO)

cyborg that has its mouth wide open

A Japanese cyborg goes to the dentist. In Tokyo, Japan, a robot called Slimroid is helping future dentists. The robot was designed by Nippon Dental University & Morita manufacturing. It features advanced Artificial Intelligence that can give feedback to help train would-be dentists. Yukihiko Isokawa, from Morita Manufacturing said they wanted to get it as…