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Man Launches House With Helium Balloons

A man using a cluster of balloons launched a house just like in the Disney movie “Up.” Jonathan Trappe, 38, launched a house into the sky and attempts to fly from Maine to Paris. If Trappe is successful in his attempt he would have crossed 2,5000 miles. Trappe strapped the balloons onto a cartoon themed…

Disney Buys Lucasfilm: Promises Star Wars VII In 2015!

Disney promises Star Wars VII after buying Lucas Film for $4.5 billion. According to the Walt Disney Company press release, Star Wars: Episode VII is targeted for a 2015 release. The year 2015 is definitely not far, far away. Many people are excited about Disney’s acquirement of Lucas Film and the future of the Star…

Disney’s First Latina Princess

Disney’s commitment to diversity has received backlash recently after introducing a Latina princess character. The new Disney Princess Sofia is supposed to be Latina. However, critics say the character doesn’t appear to be or isn’t Latina enough. Her skin tone doesn’t reflect a Latin complexion and the actress that voices the character is caucasian. “Modern…

Disney Banned Tinkerbell Wanna Be From Animal Kingdom

girl dressed up as tinkerbell - disney banned her

Disney’s Animal Kingdom made 15-year-old April Spielman cry after they banned her from the park because she wore a Tinkerbell Costume. Spielman spent hours dressing up as Tinkerbell so that she can make her boyfriend’s first trip to Disney a memorable one. She colored her eyes green and even sprinkled glitter all over her body….

The Avengers Shattered Box Office Records

  The Avengers is not only the most anticipated movie of 2012, but it also broke box office records beating Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. The movie made a whopping $200.3 million in domestic figures making it the largest debut ever. World wide figures? A cool $641.8 million. It surpassed lifetime totals…