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Man Kills Son by Kissing Him

A baby dies after his father kisses him. Kaiden McCormick was born five weeks premature and did not survive after contracting herpes. Doctors told his parents, Carl Maclaren and Marie-Claire McCormick, that Kaiden contracted herpes simplex through the cold sore virus. Carl immediately blamed himself since he knew he had the virus. Kaiden spent six…

X-rays Show Gun and IPod Inside A Stomach

A new book called “Stuck Up” show x-rays with several different objects inside the abdomen. The book was compiled by an emergency room physician and two other doctors. They claim that these are real x-rays of people’s abdomens they encountered in throughout their practice. One of the doctors said that the most common excuse was…

Man With Bubble Skin Needs a Cure

bubble skin man close-up

Chandra Wisnu,57, was born from a well-to-do family, handsome, and well-educated. He was a great catch for any woman. After marrying his wife, Nanik, 33 years ago, he noticed small bumps on his back. They looked like tiny bubbles at first. As the bubbles started to show up in every part of his body, he…