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Real Life Barbie Is Not A Human – Documentary

In a full length documentary, the “Real Life Barbie”, Valeria Lukyanova, exposes her life and beliefs. **************************** ALL STORIES BELOW: – Real Life Barbie Documentary: – Real Life Barbie Story: – 1000 Years In Jail: – Girl Suing NHS For Big BOOBS: – Josie Cunnigham Back Story: – How Royal Baby Will Look As Teen:

Beyonce Documentary Trailer (VIDEO)

HBO has released a trailer of the upcoming Beyonce documentary. The documentary features the megastar as a performer, model and mother. In an earlier Huffington Post report, Beyonce was shopping around for stations for her documentary. She finally decided on HBO. HBO president of programming said, “everybody knows Beyonce’s music, but few know Beyonce the…

The Human Mannequin – Louise Wedderburn

A teenager suffers from a rare genetic condition that is turning her into a “human mannequin.” Louise Wedderburn, 19, speaks about the disease which turns her muscles into bone and causes her joints to lock. Wedderburn was born with Fibrodysplasis ossificans progressiva (FOP), a genetic disease that causes soft tissue to turn into bone. There…

Man With Bubble Skin Needs a Cure

bubble skin man close-up

Chandra Wisnu,57, was born from a well-to-do family, handsome, and well-educated. He was a great catch for any woman. After marrying his wife, Nanik, 33 years ago, he noticed small bumps on his back. They looked like tiny bubbles at first. As the bubbles started to show up in every part of his body, he…