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Woman Sends Pit Bulls To Attack News Reporter UPDATE: Arrested For Assault

Woman arrested for the assault on ABC6 crew on assignment after letting her pit bulls loose on them. **************************** ALL STORIES BELOW: – Pit bulls Attack News Reporter: – Man Levitates On AGT: – Girl Is Too Pretty Dana Adiva Gallery: – Girl Is Too Pretty Story: – Porn Stars Without…

Man Tattoos Dogs (VIDEO)

A dog owner has triggered controversy after he tattooed his two dogs. Ernesto Rodriguez had his two pit bulls, Duke and Duchess, tattooed while their ears were being clipped. Rodriguez, an Army veteran and tattoo artist from Stokes County, N.C. claims the tattoo was for identification purposes. A photo of the tattoo was allegedly posted…

Six Year Old Australian Girl Mauled By A Pack Of Dogs

bull mastiff standing on grass

Maya Wicksteed was visiting a neighbor with her father when a pack of dogs mauled her. The attack happened near the remote western city of Perth. The dogs that mauled the little girl included Arab Bullmastiffs and three domestic ones. Her father said that his daughter was “a screaming ball of sand and blood” as…