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Man Dragged By Police & Dies (VIDEO)

A man dragged by police and later dies in his cell in South Africa. Taxi driver, Mido Macia, was found dead in a jail cell two hours after police arrested him in Daveyton, South Africa. Eight police officers are now accused of Mido’s murder. In a video footage captured on a cell phone shows the…

Man Dragged By Truck Calls 911

Watch the latest video at A man calls 911 while being dragged by a truck. In this video, a man clung to the back of the pickup truck and was dragged for miles. The driver and the man were in an argument supposedly over a woman. As the driver drove off with the woman…

Killer Whale Attacking Trainer (VIDEO)

killer whale grabbing trainer by the foot

A killer whale attacking a Sea World trainer was released in court. The incident happened in 2006 during a training session. The orca grabbed the trainer by the leg and dragged him underwater. The trainer was able to get away and immediately swam to safety. He suffered a broken foot from the incident. The video…