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Silk Road: Ebay for Drugs

An online store for drugs in the UK? A website called Silk Road is setup like eBay. It lists drugs for sale and caters to drug users worldwide. People can buy ecstasy, heroin, cannabis and cocaine on this site. Users claim its easier and safer than going to the streets to buy from dealers on…

Third Case Of Cannibalistic Incident In Florida

man who bit off chunk of another man's arm and ate it

Here’s another story added to cannibalistic stories in recent months. A man from Palmetto, Florida bit off a chunk of a man’s arm and ate it. Charles Baker who was on drugs went to his girlfriend’s house to visit his children. But when he got there, he started screaming, took his clothes off and bit…

Pills Made From Dead Babies Seized In Korea

It’s one of those bizarre myths about medical powers coming from body parts. Many of these myths include animal body parts, but this time it’s from dead babies. Pills containing powdered flesh of fetuses and babies were smuggled into South Korea from China. Yep, you heard it, dead baby flesh. They are being used as…