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Taxes On Email Coming Soon?

Watch the latest video at California to tax emails? Citizens already get taxed on their property, incomes, and investment. Must we be taxed for our emails too? A California official thinks a it’s a great idea. The official suggests that the internet, including emails, is an untapped resource for revenue. Berkeley City Councilman Gordon…

News Anchor Responded To Viewer Who Called Her Fat

Jennifer Livingston is a news anchor from CBS WKBT. During a normal day at work, she received a berating letter from a viewer calling her obese. The person wrote an email to her saying that she is overweight. And that Livingston is not acting as a role model for people in her community because of…

Company Pays Employees $7500 To Go On Vacation

employees at software company working

A Denver, Colorado company pays employees to go on vacation. That’s a job many people would love to get. Borat Lorang, CEO of software provider company in Denver FullContact, offered his employees $7,500 to go on a vacation. This is on top of their normal salary. However, there were three rules that the employees had…