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Woman Gets Boyfriend’s Name Tattooed On Her Face Hours After Meeting Him

WATCH FULL VIDEO BELOW: A Russian college graduate allows her new boyfriend to tattoo his name on her face the day they met in person. According to The Sun UK, Lesya Toumaniantz got a 5inch tall tattoo of her new beau, Rouslan Toumaniantz. She had “Ruslan” inked across both her cheeks in Gothic letters. The…

First Gay Couple to Ever Get Publicly Engaged at the White House

U.S. Marine Corps captain Matthew Phelps is the first man to propose to his male partner inside the White House. Phelps and his boyfriend Ben Schock were visiting the monument when Phelps got down on his knees and popped the question. Ben said “yes” as visitors looked on. Phelp’s wrote on his Facebook page: “Such…

Woman wants to be the World’s Fattest Woman

A woman wants to be the World’s Fattest Woman. At 750 pounds, she continues to eat to gain more weight. For breakfast she typically eats a dozen eggs and a whole package of bacon plus pancakes and toast! Susanne Eman is also engaged to a chef who supports her obesity.