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Man Gets Porn Ads Tattooed On Face (VIDEO)

A man wants to raise money to remove his facial tattoo ads. Billy Gibby, aka “Hostgator Dotcom” and “Billy The Human Billboard”, got 20 facial tattoo ads to raise money. But now he wants to raise money to have them removed. The Anchorage, Alaska resident said that he started getting branded tattoos in 2007. He…

Girl With Nose Cut Off By Taliban Gets New Face

Woman whose nose was cut off for leaving her abusive husband gets a new face. Aesha Mohammadzai was forced into a marriage with a Taliban fighter at the age of 12. Throughout her marriage, her husband and his family treated her cruelly and often made her sleep with the animals. “Every day I was abused…

Woman Gets Boyfriend’s Name Tattooed On Her Face Hours After Meeting Him

WATCH FULL VIDEO BELOW: A Russian college graduate allows her new boyfriend to tattoo his name on her face the day they met in person. According to The Sun UK, Lesya Toumaniantz got a 5inch tall tattoo of her new beau, Rouslan Toumaniantz. She had “Ruslan” inked across both her cheeks in Gothic letters. The…

Man With Stretchiest Skin

man who can stretch skin far enough to cover his mouth

The man with the stretchiest skin. He can stretch the skin under skin so far that he is able to cover his mouth with it. Watch this man stretch the skin on his face, arms, and torso.

Cannibalism Victim in Miami Has A New Face

ronald poppo mugshot

Ronald Poppo, the cannibal-attack victim in Miami, is doing well according to his doctors. But he will need more surgery. The 65-year-old man is recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital . With his permission, two photos of the Poppo’s was released to the media. Poppo suffered severe injuries from the assault on the Miami MacArthur causeway…