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Runway Model Fails (VIDEO)

Runway models look awesomely perfect most times. We often wonder how they can walk in sky high heels, tight clothes, or barely there fashions. But as these videos show, they’re not perfect all the time. Check out these models trip, fall and maybe a little wardrobe malfunction on the runway:

100-Metre Ice Climber Fall Caught On Camera (VIDEO)

Camera captures ice climber falling 100-metre down a mountain. WATCH OUR REACTION VIDEO: This video is a first hand account of Mark Roberts plummeting 100 metres down a Snowdonia mountainside. Roberts was very lucky to come out with just a broken ankle after the fall. The whole thing was recorded by a camera attached to…

Dad Saves Son From Falling Off Cliff & Gets Ticketed

image of father and son walking together

Frank Roder saved his son from falling off a cliff while his Jeep fell into the water. Roder was out at a park with his son. Just as they pulled in, his son hopped out of the car. “He hopped out, and I thought that was okay, I was just going to park,” Roder, 38,…