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900 Pound Fattest Man In The World – Ricky Naputi

Ricky Naputi appears on a TLC documentary called 900 Pound Man: The Race Against Time. ****************************************­******** All Stories Below: 1. 900 Pound Man: 2. Soldier’s Head Cut Off: 3. Atheist Tornado Survivor: 4. Obama’s Prom Date Was A White Girl: 5. Soldier Shot In Head And Lives: ****************************************­******** MORE COOL…

Marathon Sex Helps Woman Lose Weight

Pauline Potter World's Heaviest Woman

A woman lost weight by having marathon sex. Pauline Potter weighs about 600 pounds. She was given the title the world’s heaviest woman by Guinness World of Records in 2011. She told Dr. Drew on HLN that she lost weight by having sex with her ex-husband. In her research, she found that you can burn…

Woman wants to be the World’s Fattest Woman

A woman wants to be the World’s Fattest Woman. At 750 pounds, she continues to eat to gain more weight. For breakfast she typically eats a dozen eggs and a whole package of bacon plus pancakes and toast! Susanne Eman is also engaged to a chef who supports her obesity.