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Teacher Fired After Porn Star Past

A middle school teacher in Oxnard, California was fired after they learned of her porn star past. Stacie Halas, 32, had a nine-month career in pornography before working at the school. The Commission of Professional Competence ruled that Halas should not be in the classroom. “We were hoping we could show you could overcome your…

Christian School Teacher Arrested After Having Sex With Student

A Seventh Day Adventist Christian school teacher had been arrested for having sex with student. Auburn Adventist Academy has fired teacher, Scott Spies, and is now helping the teenager. School administrators called investigators after hearing rumours that Spies had a relationship with a student in his Bible Study class. According to the teen, the relationship…

Lifeguard Fired For Saving Drowning Swimmer

Lifeguard Tomas Lopez was fired for helping to save a drowning man. The company Tomas works under, Jeff Ellis and Associates, says that he broke a company policy and could have possibly to other beach-goers at risk. In shocking disbelief, a few other life guards have quit in protest.

Woman Behind Military Breastfeeding Photo Fired

breastfeeding moms in uniform

Mom2MOm spokesperson fired from her job because of the controversial photos of military moms breast-feeding in uniform. Crystal Scott organized the photo shoot with two military moms as a way to put pressure on the military to accommodate nursing moms. She lost her job as an x-ray technician. she explains that her employer fired her…

Woman Fired for Having Big Boobs

lauren odes close up image

Lauren Odes, 29, was fired from her work because she was too “hot.” She has filed a gender and religious discrimiation complaint against her employer. The New Jersey woman claims she was fired from her job at a New York lingerie warehouse because her male employers considers her boobs too big and that she dressed…