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Fat Woman Becomes Skinny: Eats 5,000 Calories A Day To Survive (PHOTO)

A woman drops over 180 pounds after undergoing gastric bypass surgery but now has to consume 5,000 calories a day to stay alive. Julie Dunbar suffered a complication from gastric bypass surgery where her body has stopped absorbing nutrients. She became malnourished and even close to death that she was rushed to the hospital. Doctors…

Woman Eats Cat Hair (VIDEO)

A Detroit, Michigan woman loves her cat’s hair. She loves it so much that she eats the cat’s hair! Lisa, who is 43-years-old, says she likes eating her cat’s hair every two hours. She will eat it off the floor, off the couch, but she says the “best way” is licking her cat’s hair off…

Smart Dog Steals Food On Top Of Table (VIDEO)

sellersburg dog pushes chair to get to food on table

A Sellersburg dog becomes an internet sensation after being caught stealing food on top of a table. Topangga, the dog in the video, is seen jumping up and down trying to get to the leftover steak on top of the table. When she realizes she couldn’t get to it by jumping, she pushes an office…