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Gangnam Style Flipbook (VIDEO)

YouTube user “etoilec1” creates an unusual tribute to Gangnam Style. Instead of creating another parody video as many YouTubers have done, etoilec1 draws scenes in colour on a large flipbook. Basically, the scenes from the original music video is revealed by flipping through the pages. The four-minute flipbook clip has received more than 100,000 views….

Canada’s Prime Minister ‘Gangnam Style’ Spoof (VIDEO)

Canada’s Prime Minister, ‘Stephen Harper’, made his own Gangnam Style parody. Okay, he’s not the REAL Prime Minister of Canada. But he sure does look like him. The video was created by Air Farce and makes references to several of this year’s Conservative Party controversies like scrapping the long-gun registry, the F-35 deal and budget…

Boy Steals Show Dancing With NFL Cheerleaders (VIDEO)

What a lucky boy! Surrounded by beautiful Tampa Bay Buccaneer cheerleaders, he performs at an NFL game. The boy steals the show as he dances along with the cheerleaders. The dance starts dancing “Gangnam Style.” His performance took place November 25 against the Atlanta Falcons.

Psy Performs With MC Hammer at 2012 AMA’s

Psy is at it again! This time the South Korean superstar performs his worldwide hit “Gangnam Style” at the 2012 American Music Awards featuring rapper MC Hammer. This time Psy mixed his outfit with Hammer pants. In the middle of Psy’s performance, the lights went out as if the show ended. When the lights came…

PSY Performs At MTV Europe Awards

PSY performs at the MTV Europe Music Awards. “Gangnam Style” has taken the world by storm. The now world famous singer recently performed the song at the EMA’s. Once he started dancing the “horse dance” many people from the audience followed along with him. Here Heidi Klum challenges PSY on his own Gangnam Style moves…

House Sings Along to Gangnam Style

You’ve seen the video for Gangnam Style, now have you seen a house that sings it? Brandon Bullis also known as Edward Landing Lights has programmed lights on his home to flash to the beat of Psy’s Gangnam Style not to mention 12 other songs. Bullis has nightly showings from 7:15 to 10pm on weekdays…

Mom & Son Perform ‘Gangnam Style’ on Ellen

Ellen Degeneres features a mom and son duo dancing Psy’s hit Gangnam Style. The song has taken North America by storm. There are tons of parody’s on the web ever since the song became a Youtube sensation. This one has a mother and son dancing to the “Gangnam style” signature dance move. Ellen loved their…

Korean Rapper GANGNAM STYLE Music Video

gangnam style video goes viral-PSY dancing

Korean rapper’s music video gets 10 million hits. A rapper named Park Jae Sang or PSY as he is known in Korea released his new music video of is song “Gangnam Style.” PSY has made a huge come back using the video. The rapper is singing about the women from the affluent area of Gangnam….