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Girl Swung Across The Room By Principal (VIDEO)

Two girls fighting in a Georgia high school was interrupted by the principal. As other students surround to watched the two girls fighting, the principal stepped in. In order to stop the fight, the principal grabbed one of the girls and swung her across the room. He then goes for the other girl.

Teacher Keeps Job After Slapping Kindergartener

A teacher from Albany, GA will keep her job after slapping a student. Phys Ed teacher, Tracy Drayton, was shown on surveillance footage showing her slapping a student. Drayton was suspended on a 30-day unpaid suspension. However, Turner Elementary School went against the school board’s superintendent’s suggestion to terminate her. They have allowed her to…

Body Found Embedded In Concrete

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. A body was found encased in concrete in a backyard. Police charged twin brothers with murder in the death of the man whose body was placed in a plastic tub filled with concrete and buried in the backyard of their Georgia home. Christopher and William Cormier, twin brothers,…

3rd Case Of Flesh-Eating Bacteria: Bobby Vaughn

landscaper using lawnblower

This is the third person in Georgia who has contracted a flesh-eating bacteria or necrotizing fasciitis. Landscaper, Bobby Vaughn, is currently in the hospital recovering. He was diagnosed early this month with the flesh-eating bacteria. Vaughn’s first symptoms were backaches and vomiting. He went to the hospital when he started to experience swelling in his…

Mother Gives Birth And Gets Flesh-eating Bacteria

Watch the latest video at After giving birth last week at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Lana Kuykendall was allowed to go home. A day later she noticed an unusual spot on her leg. The spot was about the size of a her palm. But six hours later it was the size of a…

Autistic Teen Fights To Graduate

A teen who has autism is being denied his high school diploma. Georgia teen, 17-year-old Sinclair Coffer, has been passing his courses with As and Bs. However, he hasn’t been able to pass his math tests. Georgia schoolboard will not allow him to waive the math tests like other students with disabilities. His family has…

Police Handcuff 6yr-old student for Misbehaving

A Milledgeville, Georgia kindergarten student was handcuffed because she misbehaved in school. According to the report Lesia Johnson allegedly tore items off the walls and threw furniture. She knocked over a shelf that injured the principal. The report said the police officer tried to calm her down, but when she resisted the officer handcuffed her….