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Epic Failure: Man Jumps Into Frozen Pool (VIDEO)

A man jumps into a frozen swimming pool, but the ice didn’t crack. The would-be daredevil who is believed to be from Germany attempted the icescapade. The man and his two friends were in a backyard when they decided to dive into the icy pool. The man wore boxers as he looks over the frozen…

South Korea’s Shin A-Lam Refuses to Leave Fencing Floor (Photos)

Shin A-Lam crying on the floor

South Korean Olympian refused to leave fencing floor after controversial call. Shin A-Lam and Germay’s Britta Heidemann faced off on Monday in the woman’s fencing. The duel was to determine which woman would advance to the gold medal match. It was unclear who was going to the next round after the duel. The two had…