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Google Glass Project Wants You (VIDEO)

Google Glass wants YOU! The wearable device had been in the works for quite awhile. Recently, Google has announced its plan to get people to tell them how the eye-wear technology could be used. Google said on Wednesday that it will select 8,000 applicants to become one of their “Glass Explorers” by answering the question:…

Robocop Headset Lets Police See Through Walls (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

CHECK IT OUT BELOW: Robocop headset lets police see through walls to identify suspects. The Golden-I headset, similar to the Google’s Glass project, offers the ability to see through walls using infrared technology. The gadget is operated by voice commands and head movements so that the user can get access to information without using their…

Google Glass Preview With ABCNews

google glass preview

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Google Glass Designer gave ABCNews a preview of the Google glass. Are the glasses a convenience or a distraction? Joanna Stern from ABCNews describes it as a distraction at first. But in the end Stern liked its features. According to Google glass designer, Isabelle Olsson, the glass may look a…